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Having been brought up in the Pentecostal tradition, Ian now worships in a moderate Anglo-catholic church in Mooroolbark, Victoria.  Exposure to the Christian Reformed tradition, particularly the developments in Christian scholarship spearheaded by Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977) in the Netherlands, led to his involvement with the Christian Parent-Controlled Christian Schools.  He taught firstly as a primary teacher and finally as the pioneer Principal of the Mountain District Christian School (Monbulk).

These Christian traditions awakened him to the Spirit, scholarship and the sacramental areas of Christian life and work.

He left school teaching to complete a PhD in counsellor education at Monash University formally graduating in 1993.  After finishing preliminary psychological studies he became a registered psychologist in 1989,

From 1995 to 2007, Ian was a visiting and faculty member at Tabor College Victoria, Australia at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He is now involved in private practice as a psychologist.  He is particularly interested in Christians working together to express their faith in the area of psychological counselling using the ideas of Herman Dooyeweerd.



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These lectures, given during 2006 and 2007 at TABOR COLLEGE, Melbourne, Australia were part of the Bachelor in Christian Counselling program and were provided for students to read before lecture times to facilitate class discussion.

Lenten Studies

Lecture 1. Martin & Deirdre Bobgan

Lecture 2. Behaviour Therapy 1.

Lecture 3. Behaviour Therapy 2.

Lecture 4. Jay Adams - Biblical Counselling

Lecture 5. Reality Therapy - William Glasser

Lecture 6. Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy - Albert Ellis

Lecture 7. Cognitive Therapy - Aaron T. Beck

Lecture 8. Christian Applications of Cognitive Therapy - William Backus & Chris Thurman

Lecture 9. Contemporary Practice of Cognitive Therapy with Specific Problems (Depression)

Lecture 10. Transactional Analysis (TA) - Eric Berne

Lecture 11. Narrative Therapy

Lecture 12 Theophostic Prayer Ministry

Lecture 13 Christians in critical dialogue with REBT

Lecture 14 Nondual Counselling

Earlier Lectures

Lecture  1.  Three Traditions

Lecture  2.  How to Critically Evaluate Psychological Theories

Lecture 3.   Freud

Lecture 4.   Freud and Humanist Judaism

Lecture 5.   Jung

Lecture 6.    Horney

Lecture 7.    Kohut

Lecture 8.    Hendrix

Lecture 9.    Frank Lake

Lecture 10.  Rogers

Lecture 11.  Frankl

Lecture 12.  Fritz and Laura Perls

Lecture 13.  Sensory Perception in Christian Counselling

Lecture 14.  Psychotherapy in Light of Truth


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